Developer Guide

The Rotator CSC is implemented using ts_salobj and ts_hexrotcom.


The primary class is:

lsst.ts.rotator Package


CommandCode Values for Command.code.
Config Configuration: rotConfigTelemetryStreamStructure_t in Moog code.
MockMTRotatorController(log[, host, …]) Mock MT rotator controller that talks over TCP/IP.
RotatorCsc([config_dir, initial_state, …]) MT rotator CSC.
SetEnabledSubstateParam Enabled substate parameters.
Telemetry Telemetry: rotTelemetryStreamStructure_t in Moog code.

Build and Test

This is a pure python package. There is nothing to build except the documentation. ATDome
setup -r .
pytest -v  # to run tests
package-docs clean; package-docs build  # to build the documentation


lsst.ts.rotator is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module using labels=ts_rotator..